NFPA 1403 Compliant LIVE FIRE Training:

 SWEDE SURVIVAL Flashover Trainer & Draeger System 64 - LPG Live Fire Prop

ICS 200 & 300

NFPA 1001 Skills Checklist



LPG Live fire program

The LPG Live Fire Program is a two day training session. The first day is an 8 hour day in class covering LPG emergency tactics and strategy. Day 2 is in the field and an 8 hour day of practical live fire scenarios involving the 420 tank, BBQ prop or customized to your needs.

The System 64 has multiple props that are easily interchangeable. The System 64 is a very safe prop that has an electronic ignition system and immediate shutdown in case of an emergency, controlled by the operator.

Car Fire Prop

The portable car prop offers a wide range of training scenarios. In conjunction with the burn pan and the auxiliary burner connection, four different fire scenarios are possible, including an engine fire, passenger compartment fire, trunk fire, and wheel fire. In addition, a number of functional elements — such as functional doors and a latched hood with a breach prop — allow for versatile and realistic training.

LPG 420 Tank Prop

The LPG 420 tank prop will simulate fires and tactics for this size tanks. There are two separate fires that crews will encounter, the pan fire and the pressure relief valve that are controlled independantly.  

BBQ Prop

The BBQ prop simulates a BBQ with 20 lbs tank. There are two separate fires that crews will encounter, the pan fire engulfing the full prop and the pressure relief valve controlled independently. 

Motor & FLange PRop

For industry we have the motor/flange prop to simulate leaking flanges and electrical motors under live fire conditions. 

Swede Survival Phase 1

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The Swede Survival Mobile Phase One is a versatile fire behaviour trainer. Multiple classes can be taught in the Phase One ; Flashover recognition and prevention, Rollover tactics, Flow path and basic fire behaviour. This prop is mounted in a trailer and will come to your hall.


The Phase One was primarily designed as a flashover recognition and prevention trainer. This class comes with a two hour flashover lecture and a day of live fire in the Phase One. 

Flow Path

As taught in the IFSI Principals of Modern Fire Attack, flow path understanding and limiting the flow of oxygen and superheated gases will prevent flashover and fire damage to the structure. This class demonstrates vent limited fires and the fire behaviour when oxygen is introduced. Taught as a segment of the either a Basic Fire Behaviour class or Flashover Class.


Rollover is a fire phenomenon that can lead to flashover, further if not recognized and mitigated it can harm firefighters. This class demonstrates rollover and students practice cooling the fire gasses and see the effects. One hour class and a day of live fire in the Phase One

Vent Enter Isolate Search & Rescue Scenarios

The Phase One is an excellent prop for teaching and practicing Vent Enter Isolate and Search scenarios. Two hour class and remaining day scenarios with Phase One under live fire conditions.

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ICS 200 & 300

We will train your member to the ICS 200 level. Certified by ICS Canada through the issuing authority of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. In class courses provided. Click on ICS COURSES for more information for on-line courses. Click on CONTACT button to call or email for a quote.

NFPA 1001 Skills

If you don't have the live fire props to complete the NFPA 1001 skills we can provide those props and the instructors.

Fire Suppression

-Car prop

- Garbage Can

- Pallet Fire


Class A/B/C Fires with Extingushers

SCBA Confidence Course

Interior Fire Attack

- At/Above/Below Grade